Company Lead Extractor




Key Features
  • Company Lead Extractor tool can smartly collect bulk customer data for digital marketing purpose.
  • Extracts all email addresses and phone numbers from the source.
  • This extractor is the FASTEST Software available on the internet.
  • It is designed to extract email address and phone numbers with various criteria & various options to give the best results.
  • The extracted email addresses and phone numbers can be saved such as.CSV or excel files.
  • The extractor can UPDATE automatically, which helps you to get new features.
  • It can extract 1000 of emails & phone numbers from multiple files in a minute.
  • Users can collect thousands of leads in one click.
  • Targeted search for email addresses & contact numbers using keywords & input files.
  • Unlimited data extraction no limitation at all.
  • Multithreaded process for faster intelligent extraction.
  • Automatic updates are with new features and settings instantly.
  • The software has options to START – PAUSE – STOP in running mode.
  • Users can export collected data into CSV or excel file format.


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